Top MBAs In Supply Chain Management

In an era when much of the supply chain for today’s businesses comes from countries overseas, excellent supply management is more in demand than ever.

Today, professionals must make sure that the supply chain is efficient, well regulated, in line with local and international labor standards, and able to propel a business to ultimate success. If they can do that, they can likely do anything the business world demands.

As an example of this, just look at Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. Once a leader in supply chain management and innovation, he took over as the company’s leader and has sent its stock price to new heights.

With that kind of career trajectory, it’s easy to see why these programs are increasingly popular among those already determined to receive an MBA from a leading institution. A few programs are particularly outstanding, with some of the best instruction anywhere in the country.

Apart from the traditional degrees on this list, you may also want to consider studying supply chain management as part of an online MBA program. Online learning is less disruptive because time off work is not required. The study mode saves travel time and allows you to study when convenient.

1. New York University

Though it isn’t technically an ivy league university, the results produced by New York University’s Stern School of Business rival anything that comes out of the major ivy league institutions in the northeast. Its program is second to none in terms of qualified instructors, and students are encouraged to get hands-on experience while working with the large New York business community.

With one of the biggest names in academics, and one of the biggest cities in business, at their fingertips, those who choose New York University will find themselves being considered for some of the country’s leading positions in supply chain management.

2. Rutgers University

As part of the supply chain management program at Rutgers University, students will participate in what the university calls “The Center”. That institution is dedicated to research within the business community and it’s a fundamental way that Rutgers grads are equipped to handle the challenges of this field. The Center shows innovative new ways of doing business even before they’ve been discussed by leading publications, giving graduates an edge over their competitors.

In addition to hands-on work and research experience, Rutgers puts students through a tough series of operations and analysis courses that will prepare them for virtually every scenario within the supply chain. At the end of the program, they’ll be perfectly suited for domestic and international management of major supply chain schemes.

3. University of San Diego

The University of San Diego has one of California’s best business schools, especially for those looking into a supply chain management career. The university offers an MBA in the field and, unlike its competitors, actually operates the Supply Chain Management Institute.

The Institute is dedicated to researching the best methods of management and operations, and those findings are passed directly on to students as part of the school’s curriculum.

Because it researches the field, sets the trends, and teaches students about them directly, USD is a cutting edge school with a program that should not be overlooked.

4. Arizona State University

Arizona State University has always performed well in the business field, and its MBA programs are no exception. The school utilizes the proximity of Phoenix to bolster the credentials of its graduates, giving them the opportunity to work with some of the Southwest’s leading companies and executives during their time in the program.

ASU’s professors are almost universally experienced in business, management, and supply chain economics, and they bring valuable experience to each class that will help to equip students for their eventual career in the field.

5. Temple University

Temple University’s MBA program can rival anything the ivy league University of Pennsylvania, which is just next-door, offers to its own students in the Wharton School.

Temple’s Fox School of Business and Management is consistently rated one of the top 10 degrees in terms of reach and value. By offering both online and offline instruction, the MBA in Supply Chain Management is accessible even to the busiest professionals.

With a reputation for professional education that is well known around the world, Temple’s wealth of experienced professors, hands-on experience, and business connections, makes it a must-see for professionals in the northeast corridor.

An Increasingly Important Field with Increasingly Prestigious Programs

The increasing importance of supply chain management in domestic and international markets has forced business schools to increase the rigor and sophistication of their corresponding MBA programs.

To that end, the five schools mentioned here have created programs that focus on real world experience, international relations, analysis and operations, and a wide range of other topics. Each MBA program will be an asset to graduates as they look for a job in this competitive field.