5 Tips for Introducing Yourself at a Networking Meeting

Networking will pay off for you when you are noticed and remembered. Use these tips to speak well and to be better noticed and remembered at your networking meetings.

Introducing Yourself is a Networking Touch Point

Before you say, “Hello my name is…” read these tips to make a better impact at your next networking meeting.

Networking is a process. It is a sequence of events and touch points with your contacts. Following your networking process is critical. No less important is that you make each touch point count. One of the most common touch points is introducing yourself at the networking meeting.

If you want to make the best impression when you introduce yourself use the following tips to present yourself with greater impact. Be a smart networker by making a positive impression every time you speak.

Tip 1. Drink Water

Before you speak drink water – not coffee and never alcohol. Why? Water lubricates your vocal chords, improves your voice and gives you needed fluids that you lose while speaking.

Room temperature water is best. Cool water is acceptable. Avoid ice water because it is harsh on your vocal chords.

Avoid dairy products (cheese and milk) because that creates phlegm in your throat which makes you gag and cough. Coffee contains caffeine which might make you more nervous and it is a diuretic that dehydrates you. Alcohol both dehydrates you and clouds your judgment. Stick with water.

Tip 2. Emphasize Your Name

While introducing yourself to one person or a group, emphasize your name, so they hear it, feel the respect you have for your name and remember it. State, “My name is (short pause) George (short pause) Torok (smile).” Say it loud enough to be heard. Most importantly – say it much slower than you normally do and smile.

You know your name so you might get tired of saying it. But there are people at the meeting who don’t know it and you want to be sure that they hear it and remember it.

When someone asks you to repeat your name – don’t be annoyed – be honored and state it proudly (for the millionth time).

Tip 3. Make Your Name Memorable

If your name is unusual, difficult to remember or pronounce, say it extra slow and repeat it, ‘Torok’. Help them remember it by adding, it sounds like ‘tore – rock.’ You might add, It means ‘Turk’ in Hungarian. Or you can call me ‘nickname’.

State a funny word that your name rhymes with or spell it slowly.

When you can have fun with your name people will like you more. If you make people laugh as you explain your name, they will remember you.

Tip 4. Stand and Wait for Everyone’s Attention

It’s your turn to stand up and give your 30-second presentation at a networking meeting. Stand up. Look proud. Don’t play with your chair. Pause. Wait until you have everyone’s attention before you speak.

It might take a few seconds. It might seem like forever. When you speak it makes your information seem more valuable – and they will hear you.

Tip 5. Use Action Verbs

When you are telling people what you do, use action verbs and words that paint pictures of results. Avoid using nouns ending in ‘tion’. These used to be action verbs. Don’t say, “We are in the telecommunication business.” Instead say, “We install and maintain phone systems for small and medium sized business.” “We specialize in designing customer friendly systems for busy offices with unique needs.” Use the word ‘specialize’ – it suggests that you are special.