Timtab Technology for Parenting Plans

Artificial intelligence is now being used to do the difficult task of creating efficient creating parenting schedules. The Timtab app produces an optimal schedule and parenting plan for parents who are separated or divorced.

If you haven’t heard about this innovative technology before, you have just discovered the simplest solution for planning and mediation for both parents and children.

Co-parenting is not easy for parents living separately, which makes the situation complicated for their children as well. This is the main reason why Timtab has developed a smart system to plan the time and activities for both parents and kids.

How it Works

You simply offer the family details and Timtab helps you design the parenting plans that work for you and your childrens’ needs. At your disposal is the latest technology which is intelligent and easy to use. You won’t need a big legal budget or special skills because this has got you covered.

When using this app, you need to enter information about your parenting situation, including the ages of the kids and travel times between each home and school. Timtab automatically generates an optimal parenting schedule. It can have a weekly, fortnightly, tri-weekly or monthly pattern.

When parents are apart, Timtab will most likely create a fortnightly schedule where the child visits the parents according to the distance between them.

Choose Timtab Because…

The app is fast, easy to use and generates an efficient program for making coparenting easier. Timtab technology is extremely simple to use. Numerous customization options are available too. For example, you can set a minimum care percentage for each parent.

The time you spend with your child is precious, that’s why you need to make the most of each moment. With Timtab, each parent’s time is allocated to parenting more effectively. With a better spread of duties across each fortnight or month, you can get enough rest and be fresh for the next visit.

We recommend you use Timtab. It could well be the best time planning app you have ever tried! And subscribing to Timtab is currently free!